Optical Retail Store Software

All Features of OptiSoft Vision Retail Store Software

Customer Patient Management

Customer / Patient Management

When you download this free optical shop software in India you can very easily manage details about every customer or patient of yours. Management is one of the most important regions which you should focus on as it helps in analytics and also other further business decisions. In this database you can easily store case numbers of customers, their name, phone number and everything. There is no doubt that this retail optical software is very useful for Opticians.

Patients Prescription

Patients Prescription

The next big thing that you can do by using optical store software is making prescriptions of patients which can hold all details about their eye checkups, their next appointment as well as a reminder! You will find a lot of this optical software for retail stores in India which will help you in the process of patient’s prescription management.

Optical Inventory Stock Management

Inventory Management

This inventory management system that is provided to you by optical shop software in India, allows you to easily manage your inventory. You can add inventory items or delete an inventory item with the help of these free download software for optical shop. Retail optical software Mumbai provides you this to maintain accurate track of a number of inventory items like CR lenses, frames, contact lenses, Sun glasses and a lot of other accessories.
Optical shop management software also help you by automatically updating your inventory of a product when you purchase it, or have already sold or returned.

Optical Inventory Syock Barcode


Barcode tags can be created and printed directly using Our OptiSoft Vision software. Inventory barcoding helps in quick dispensing and billing. Customizable Barcode printing Design. Our OptiSoft Vision System Can work with / Wihout Barcode.

Daily Recall Reminder

Recall Reminder

Optical chains software also helps you to remind you as well as your customers about future appointments, new eye frame arrival and also about lens testing.

Optical Retail Shop Invoice Billing Management System

Invoice Management

Create Spectacle, Contact Lens,Sunglasses and Accessories Invoice. Track customers Delivery status with ease to check if lens received or spectacle ready. Customisable Invoice format

Payment Collection

Payment Collection

Managing your customers Payment , advance, Daily Outstanding Balance and Daily collection

Optical Retail Shop Software Reports


Yor can View and track Daily / Monthly / Yearly and Partywise Purchase,Sales, Pending payments, customer balances, Daily collection Report

Optical Retail Shop Software Security


When you buy this software from optical Shop Software in Mumbai, you can have the guaranty that you will be provided with the best security possible. Multiple user level security and roles restrict access and usage rights so that sensitive data can only be accessed by authorized users. Sensitive data is stored internally using high level encryption which makes the system even more secure from unauthorized access.

Optical Retail Shop Software Database Backup

Data Backup

Automated data backup on Hard Driver as well as on your mail